Satellite Phones are available for short or long term hire. Short term (less than 10 days), Sat-Phones can be picked up or dropped off at Mt Dare Hotel and the Birdsville Wirrari Info centre. If a Sat-Phone is hired for more than 10 days it can be posted to or from anywhere in Australia after completing the hire contract.  Allow plenty of time for the paperwork to be completed.
To hire a Sat-Phone you MUST have a current drivers license and a current Mastercard or Visa to complete the hire contract form.  Without either of these you can't hire a Sat-phone.

It's best to book a Sat-Phone as the demand can be high in the busy months.  No deposit is required.
For pick up at Mt Dare Hotel call 08 8670 7835 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For pick up from Birdsville call the Wirrari Information Centre on 07 4564 2000 or email on infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All of our hire Sat-Phones are the handheld Iridium 9555 phones by pivotel and are packed in a "Pelican case" with a 12 volt charger and instructions.  They use local dialing area codes, so no complex international numbers are required.  Just dial state code and the number, for example 08 8670 7835 or 0418 xxx xxx.  It's the same when calling the Sat-phone, just dial 0424 xxx xxx and your done.

Hires Rates:
1 – 7 days
Minimum hire period is 4 days $160.00
Additional days @ $40.00 per day

8 – 20 days
$280 for first 7 days plus
Additional days @ $25.00 per day

21 days onwards
$605 for first 20 days plus
Additional days @ $20.00 per day

For hire periods longer than 40 days call Mt Dare Hotel for a quote.

Call Charges
Calls made within Australia @ $3.00/min
Calls made to international @ $5.00/min
Calls made to Satelite Phones @ $7.00/min

Calls made during the hire period will be charged to the nominated credit card on the hire contract, a detailed invoice will be posted if requested and split billing is not possible.  Billing may take several months depending on the billing cycle and our administration work load.