Mt Dare Hotel
Mt Dare Hotel
Our co-ordinates are Lat 26.07 Long 135.25

There are two airstrips ant Mt Dare. One is a sand/clay strip and the other is on the gibber rock.

The sand/clay strip (15/33) is 1300m long with a taxiway to the hanger & a short walk to the Pub.

The gibber strip (05/23) is over 1100m long and is usable very shortly after a rain event. It is about 400m from the pub, so we will pick you up when we hear you come in. Prior notice would be good.

AV Gas is available in 200 litre drums only, bookings are essential and a deposit is required at least one month prior to your arrival to avoid disappointment. Re-fueling is at the pilots own risk and the Mt Dare Hotel accepts no responsibility for re-fueling of aircraft.
We have 98 octane Mogas which is available in any quantity.

If you are planning a trip you could consider us as a destination to stay over night or to stop for lunch. Phone in ahead of your arrival to get the latest strip conditions.



Within Australia: (08) 8670 7835
International: 61-8-8670 7835

PMB 267
Alice Springs
NT 0872

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